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Buy Low/Sell High

With every week in the NFL comes drastic overreactions and impulse decisions. Take advantage of that by selling these players who hit a high, and buying those who have hit a low.

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Buy Low

CeeDee Lamb

A lot of people have lost faith in Lamb because of Dak being injured. The reality is he is the main target for the team, and should see an improvement when Dak comes back. The Cowboys have faith that Dak will be back in a couple weeks, and he avoided IR which is encouraging. Lamb is a talented WR who was projected to be inside the top 5 WR before Dak went out. I would immediately try to steal Lamb as long as you understand until Prescott is back, Lamb will take a hit.

Aaron Jones

He disappointed a lot of managers week 1, but he remains one of the top talents in the Green Bay offense. Jones and Dillon will split touches evenly, with Dillon getting the nod in the red zone, but Jones should see a lot of receiving work, and is still highly efficient as a runner. Jones should see plenty of touches this season, even if competing with Dillon.

James Conner

Most people do not realize how good Conner was because the Cardinals were getting blown out. He is the lead back, and has value as a receiver. You might have to give a little to get him, but I would happily make a move on Conner for the rest of this year.

Sell High

Jaylen Waddle

Waddle is a good WR for fantasy, and he will continue to be. Unfortunately he will be capped by Tyreek Hill all year. Hill got a 38.7% target share which, though unsustainable, shows that he is the main focus. Tua has a lot of mouths to feed that could cut into Waddle's overall target share. I would try to get a big return on Waddle, while his value is high

Miles Sanders

Sanders finally was able to find the end zone, along with 3 other Philly rushers. Kenneth Gainwell is taking a lot of carries and red zone touches away from Sanders, and Boston Scott is doing a lot of receiving work. Also Jalen Hurts has the rushing ability for design runs, which caps Sanders ceiling. I would see Sanders while his numbers still look good.

Cordarelle Patterson

I could be totally wrong about this. I was doubtful of CP coming into this year, and he totally boomed week 1. That being said, the Falcons were missing Damien Williams and Tyson Allegeier most the game, allowing Patterson to become a work horse back. Mariota also has rushing ability, which has been shown to limit RB's touches in the past, along with regression due to age. He seems to still be a focus point on the offense, but soon could see a decreased role. I would take the risk, sell Patterson, and reap the rewards.

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