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Week 1 Overreactions

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Week 1 is now under our belts and man was it exciting. So in typical fantasy football fashion, we will now respond extremely to what we saw. Let us know if you disagree with our reactions to Week 1.

Stock Up ✅

Marcus Mariota - FPTS: 19.8

Mariota looked like he was in control of this offense all game. He was consistent as a passer and added some value rushing. As a passer he will likely not be flashy, but he could be a great fantasy pick up for anyone who had Dak Prescott.

Saquan Barkley - FPTS: 27.4

Saquan scored more points than any other RB this week, and he will most likely not slow down. As long as he is on the field, he is a RB1.

Cordarelle Patterson - FPTS: 19.6

CP proved all doubter wrong by blowing up for 120 rushing yards against the Saints. He is still the focal point of the offense and will continue to see his special skill set being used by this offense.

Gabe Davis - FPTS: 14.8

Gabe Davis continued his dominant playoff performance into week 1 by sneaking into the end zone on a play fake. Davis is the WR2 in the most electric passing game in football, and will be a solid WR2-3 option all season.

Top 5 ranked WR's - Combined FPTS: 106.4

Justin Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, Ja'Marr Chase, Stefon Diggs, and Devante Adams. You have heard about them enough. They were drafted in the top 5 of WR's. They performed as such. This will likely be the case all season long.

Taysom Hill - FPTS 14.3

I do not know who keeps allowing Taysom Hill to find a way to stay alive and in fantasy football formats, but he has found himself as one of the top TE's. With rushing yards. He will remain a solid TE option considering he has a wide variety of skills, and the lack of overall quality in TE's, but is far from consistent.

Los Angeles Chargers - FPTS: 13.0

They were not the best defense, but they showed they could attack the QB and score points against their offensively talented division rivals. Khalil Mack was very impressive, and Joey Bosa is still dominant. They can survive top tier division matchups as long as their dynamic pass rush remains hot.

Stock Down

Mac Jones - FPTS: 9.5

Mac Jones has not been impressive in 2022, and does not carry enough value to keep alive as a fantasy QB. There are plenty more fantasy relevant options available, including some on the waiver wires.

Najee Harris - FPTS: 8.6

First and foremost, Najee will be back fast. His injury plays little part in this. The biggest concern is that the offensive line was not impressive. Najee will continue to see a lot of volume, but will rely on touchdowns to be worth his draft capital. It would also surprise me if Tomlin lightens Harris' workload, with Mitch showing he can drive the ball down better than Ben last year.

David Montgomery - FPTS: 5.0

Montgomery did have tough field conditions to account for his performance, but I have been out on him all year. Khalil Herbert has been better and more efficient as a runner, and the Bears have no ties to Montgomery after this year. I would expect Herbert to get more and more chances to steal the job for next year.

Adam Thielen - FPTS: 3.6

Thielen looked to get more targets this year in a pass heavy offense, but yet he provided little value against the Packers. JJ is the clear WR1 and there are other mouths to feed in that passing attack. Unfortunately, Thielen is past his peak and will likely continue to regress in value.

Tennesee WR's - Combined FPTS: 14.9

If you were expecting Tannahill to be passing a lot this season anyways, you are insane. This is a run heavy team with a game manager QB. Neither Robert Woods or Treylon Burks impressed, and likely both will see little value and TD opportunites.

Tyler Higbee - FPTS: 3.9

There are plenty of other TE options available, and Matt Stafford's arm looks to be still recovering. Kupp and Robinson should see more quality volume in the passing attack, and I expect the Rams to get back into the run game.

Green Bay - FPTS: 1

GB got torched by the Vikings. It felt as if nobody was guarding Justin Jefferson half the game. With the offense looking to be abysmal, the team might spend a lot of time on defense, which is not great for fantasy outlook.

Need Another Game 🕐

Trey Lance - FPTS: 11.0

Do not look at this game as a measuring stick for Trey Lance's season. The weather conditions in Chicago affected both passers, and Lance provides some value with rushing. I would give Lance another Chance before selling.

Micheal Carter - FPTS: 10.0

Micheal Carter looked as if he will be the lead back, but Hall is a second round talent who impressed in training camp. If the Jets start to trail off in losses, there is no reason Hall may get the nod.

Miles Sanders - FPTS: 16.5

Miles Sanders finally scored a TD! There were 4 rushing TD's by Philly, all by different rushers though. That is a blaring red flag. I know low expectations may seem in favor of Sanders, but with Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell getting plenty of touches, I would not rely on Sanders just yet.

Robbie Anderson - FPTS: 16.2

This one is personal. I have seen Anderson blow up week 1 and then bomb the rest of the year before. Anderson looked great, but is still the 3rd most talented receiver on the tea (Moore and CMC). Do not buy into his week 1 performance too early.

Marquise Brown - FPTS: 10.3

Brown was quiet. Which is not good considering his situation. Despite this, the game against the Chiefs was a blowout and Brown could see more targets in closer situations. Brown is the best WR on the field with Hopkins out and Moore recovering so I would be willing to give him another week to get settled.

Cole Kmet - FPTS: 0.0

There were a lot of expectations that Kmet would take a step up, but as expected, the Chicago offense is not high scoring. Again, considering the field conditions, I imagine that Kmet will see more chances moving forward into the year.

Pittsburgh - FPTS: 26

I want to believe Pittsburgh will continue to be great defensively, but with TJ Watt being out for awhile, I have my doubts. They still have stars Cam Heyward and Minkah Fitzpatrick who balled out against Cincy. Malik Reed and Alex Highsmith will contain the edge in Watts absence, which is not bad, but certainly not TJ Watt level. If they can put up another solid game against New England, they may be worth a roster spot.

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